Removal Jobs

The Removals industry is an exciting industry to be a part of, with a wide range of career paths available whether you are interested in being a move coordinator, a surveyor or even working in a more specialised area of removals within fine art galleries and museums. Alchemy Global Talent Solutions is on hand to provide any information and assistance you may require with regards to careers in the Removals industry. Whether looking to find or fill a job vacancy, Alchemy’s specialist teams of talent mobility consultants, with years of experience working with clients in the Removals industry, will help you find the perfect match, be it in international, domestic or fine art removals.

Removals Jobs

Career Path and Progression

The Domestic Removals industry offers a variety of removals job opportunities for anyone interested in working in the ‘movers’ team environment. Moving from location to location, it remains a busy and fast-paced area of business with some excellent career paths. Starting at the bottom of the career ladder and moving up can be a quick and easy process in the Removals industry. By showing good levels of organisation and ambition within the job, the transition from sales estimator to full move coordinator can be a smooth process.

Skills and Knowledge

International removals require a specialist set of skills to cover a range of specific jobs and titles which enable individuals, families and businesses to move easily from one country to another. With the correct level of knowledge and expertise, employees of the International Removals industry must be able to efficiently transition groups of any size, whether for a personal move or a corporation, between different countries anywhere in the world. By working with other experts in the industry, it is the responsibility of the international removals company to make the physical transition quick and stress free for everyone involved.

Alternatively, the Fine Art world has need of a variety of removals roles. Fine Art Removals is a lucrative industry which involves contracts with art galleries, museums, exhibitions and even private collectors. This is one of the most diverse and rewarding areas of the removals industry, where the variety of locations and artefacts is ever changing. To be able to provide specialist services to clients in all stages of the removals process is an exciting challenge: packaging, storage and transportation is very often bespoke to the client’s needs and requires a strong element of creativity as well as organisation.