Affordable Removals

Affordable removals are widely sought after due to an already very expensive property market. There have, however, been multiple complaints and horrendous experiences of damage and even theft as a result of using non British Association of Removers (BAR) accredited ‘man with a van’ companies. There needs to be a balance between the affordable and the reliable.

Many removals companies across the UK are now realizing the importance of this affordability, and as such are seeing a boom in trade, being booked up months in advance. With competitive prices and a BAR accreditation, such removal companies are becoming first choices for many households across the UK. With good service, estate agents are also recommending them too.

For affordable removals, often what dictates the price is the amount of furniture to be moved. While some moves may need one or more large lorries and so incur a higher cost, some simply do require nothing more than a single van, and perhaps only two removal men, but without the relevant sized vehicles they can still pay more than they need to. Some affordable removals companies are also allowing themselves to lower costs by limiting head office space and staff. With fewer overhead costs, they can afford to lower the prices of their removals. Yet, there are drawbacks to this strategy – without a larger head office team it can be very difficult to grow the company past a certain level.

The most important part of any removals company is the BAR accreditation, as without this you might not have relevant insurance should anything go wrong. But BAR accreditation doesn’t require fleets of lorries or large head offices with decades of experience, it simply requires high quality service, and high quality service can easily be affordable. 

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