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The Moving Gig Economy Is Growing

The Moving Gig Economy Is Growing
Mourelle Josiah-Wong, April 26, 2019

Instant 24/7 Services

We all love our technology these days – smartphones, tablets and computers are never far out of reach, which of course means that we’re able to get online and contact businesses in a matter of seconds, purchasing all manner of products and services on the go. A great example of this instant service provision is presented by Uber.

We’re all familiar with the company Uber (a worldwide lift sharing company that identified the simple consumer demand of needing to get from A to B). Supplying consumers with the use of an app directly connected to your debit card, you can find Uber drivers in your area that can see your request and will be with you at a scheduled time to take you to your location. Is there a moving industry ‘Uber-equivalent’?

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