Can Using a Removals Company Reduce the Stress of Moving?

When I sat down on Saturday to watch the rugby, as a lone Welsh person in a household of Springboks located in an English town, I began to think about moving and what we all go through to get to where we want to be.

In 2000, my in-laws made the decision to move a family of four from South Africa to the UK with very little assistance. Strong–willed, they were adamant to do it themselves. Admirable, but stressful. In a stark contrast, when I moved myself from Wales, I had the assistance of a local removals and storage company which, I found, took a lot of the stress away and allowed me to focus on the other important things.

When we look at what needs to be done when moving house, there is so much more to consider than packing boxes. So, does it really make sense to take on all of these stresses and challenges ourselves? There’s finding packing materials, redecorating the house, sorting out large appliances and furniture, changing the address for the bank/utilities and other important documents. If you’re moving out of area there’s sorting schools, pet transport/vaccines and passports. The list seems endless, and that’s all before delving into the hidden treasures found in the attic and the bottom of long forgotten wardrobes.

Let’s be honest, it’s stressful just thinking about it. In a survey complied by the BBC in 2014, moving house was described as “the next most stressful thing after a family member dying.” Does it have to be this way, or do we make it more stressful than it needs to be?

I realised I was out of my depth when a box of crockery, ill-packed by a friend, smashed on the kitchen floor. I could, however, save myself some undue stress and call in a removals company. Someone whose core business is making your life easier. As I discovered, there are companies out there, who offer a Packing and Unpacking service, ensuring that your crockery and precious belongings don’t meet the same messy fate as mine did!

The staff are all highly trained in all manner of manual handling and removals, after all – it is their job! From large appliances, to Fine Art and fragile goods, they can manage your entire move and help with the packing, storage and moving of your worldly possessions.

Now people will always question the need, “Why should I hire a company when I can do it myself for less money?” To this I say –  is a potentially serious back injury, or accidentally dropping a box of irreplaceable precious goods really worth the money you may have saved by not hiring a removals company to help? 

So forget about the packing, the bubble wrap and the boxes; get yourself a glass of wine and relax while a professional removals company helps you to get to where you want to be, smoothly and efficiently. 

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