Do you need to hire a professional moving company?

So you’ve decided that you need to move… The logistics involved with itemising, packing and moving everything from A to B is arguably one of life’s top stresses. Is this process realistically something that you can or want to do alone? This is the first of many questions that you will have to ask yourself at the outset of your decision to carry out a move.

Common questions to consider

A high level of organisation is going to be required here, especially when you’ve got time limits, contractual obligations and finances involved! So, let’s start simply, it all begins with planning…

  • How many boxes are you going to need and where are you going to get them from?
  • Can everything you need to move be stored in boxes?
  • If they aren’t in boxes will the items be safe?
  • But wait, what about the items inside the boxes? Are they also going to be safe?!
  • Some kind of insurance might be a wise decision here – how and where can you get the best deal from a reputable insurer?

We’re only at the first step and already this is a little overwhelming.

How about a professional mover?

Manually moving all your worldly possessions single handed is not to be embarked on lightly (particularly if you are moving a family). There’s no shame in admitting that this task certainly isn’t for everyone! Here’s where we land at the benefits of using a moving company… The stressful parts of a move are taken care of for you, with you as the customer helping to oversee the process.

If you are keen to avoid the difficult physical labour involved in a move, and don’t fancy having to drive a large and unfamiliar hired van (assuming you have a driving licence), hiring a professional mover is probably the best way to go.

Choosing a mover

Moving companies ultimately want you to become their customer, and many will offer complimentary services including insurance, white glove service and apps or technology to help you track and manage your move in conjunction with a professional move coordinator.  Whilst things are still in the planning phases, before anything is even packed up, you can research online quotes to compare services on offer vs. price – remember the cheapest quote may not always buy you the most reliable service…

Research the experience and reputation of the mover you select before committing. Sometimes its worth paying for the professionalism and quality service that pricier moving companies can deliver – this is particularly the case if you are planning to move large, specialist, fragile or valuable items as movers of quality will have the knowledge and equipment to transport your goods safely.

Service offering: technology

Some moving companies have the facility to offer you apps or technology to help get you through the moving process. This might include real time household goods tracking, particularly useful if you are going through an international relocation. Other technology might include AI support whereby a specially created chatbot is available to answer basic queries 24/7. Another common tech trend is the availability of apps that will allow you to not only book your move, but also add to and modify your booking on the go (allowing you to add insurance or other services). Consider whether technology offering is important to you when selecting your mover.

Moving companies: making life easier

Obvious benefits include the help of industry professionals tooled and equipped to make the moving process, which is conventionally quite complicated both stress free and simplified. With the offer of a packing service, you no longer need to worry about the logistics of getting your items into the relevant boxes safely, there will be no question of whether you have the manpower required and finally there’s no responsibility for you having to make multiple trips to get a home’s worth of good’s to a new location. The moving company will take care of it all.

Risk and Finances

A big factor that may be of concern is cost – it may be tempting to think ‘why pay somebody else to move all these items when I could do it myself?’. Try to consider this as a calculated risk vs. reward. With a moving company you could be charged a flat fee for a job, or perhaps with some there may be an hourly rate. This would be weighed up against the cost of you personally having to buy or hire any of the equipment you may require, in addition to the physical effort you will need to expend to get the job done.

The reality of a big project like this means that there is a risk factor, anything could happen. It’s best not to go it alone, especially when the risk we’re discussing is your personal belongings. Sometimes it’s inevitable – accidents can happen, but at least you can be safely assured that going through using a removals company your items are insured and you could be reimbursed if anything has been affected.


As we’ve discussed, there is a lot of effort that goes into a move, it is possible to try and get everything done yourself if you can manage to stay on top of the logistics and have the resources to facilitate such a big project…But, there’s also a risk factor that ought to be considered (because if any accidents or a vital process missed you could be left solely responsible). At a time when home is uprooted and you’re going to have a lot to think about – it makes the most sense to reduce any excess stress and rely on the professionalism and experience of a removals company to guide you through. Just make sure you do your research and choose the right one!

Written by Mourelle Josiah-Wong – Administrative Intern at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.