Have you considered long term storage with moving companies?

Why use long term storage?

There are a number of reasons why you may require storage options when conducting a household goods move.


Many people opt for long term storage as a way to safeguard their household goods while travelling. It’s comforting to know that your goods are in safe hands while you’re off travelling the world!


Nothing makes you realise just how much stuff you own like downsizing your home! However, with storage services you don’t need to worry about hastily throwing things away (which you may regret in a few months). Store some belongings in long term storage whilst you take time to adjust to your smaller home and utilise the luxury of time to work out what is worth keeping.


Arguably one of the most difficult stages in life, dealing with a bereavement can be emotionally draining. Long term storage offers the opportunity to store the personal effects of the departed safely and securely until you are truly ready to sort through them.


In cases where you are moving into a property which needs refurbishment or redecoration it can be a good idea to place bulky or fragile items into long term storage to prevent them from becoming damaged by any building/decorating work and to save moving items from room to room.

The benefits of long-term storage…

The ability to store anything of any size means long term storage is incredibly convenient. Whether you are looking to store a sofa, lock away a library of books or bundle away your boxes, the convenience of being able to utilise long term storage is unparalleled.

When it comes to delicate or valuable items, long term storage can be the ideal solution to ensure your items are handled with care. If items are not stored correctly, you run the risk of their condition deteriorating; wooden furniture can go mouldy, childhood toys can be destroyed by mice, and leather can start to smell and lose its lustre – quality storage companies will be able to store items properly.

A good provider of long-term storage guarantees that items will remain in the same condition you originally stored them in by carefully monitoring and adjusting climates, moisture and light levels. One of the biggest benefits of storage units is the diversity – regardless of your needs, there will be a storage unit out there that will cater for it!

Furthermore, the security surrounding long term security is another major added bonus. Many people may not feel comfortable keeping a valuable item in their house – all good long-term storage facilities are monitored by CCTV cameras and alarm systems, so rest assured your items will be protected.

Long-term storage provided by moving companies

It is worth noting that many moving companies will provide storage services alongside traditional packing and moving services. Some obvious benefits to utilise these include:

Packing for storage

Reputable moving companies will have expert technicians with the skills and experience to pack even the most expensive or fragile of items – as well as storing them properly. This can entail the moving company building custom crates or packing solutions for unusual items with challenging shapes or bulk. Don’t underestimate the value and importance of properly storing items in appropriate packaging – all of which a professional removals company can provide.

Delivery from storage

Lots of moving companies will remove your items from storage when the time comes and deliver them to you. Moving companies already have the moving / lifting equipment (like forklifts) designed to make this process safe, quick and efficient. Utilising these services will ultimately save you as the customer time and energy. The fact that the mover will also deliver the goods to you means that you don’t have to worry about packing your car with heavy goods or renting an unfamiliarly large van.

General Storage Vs. Storage by Moving Companies  


The main differences between businesses that offer storage solutions only vs. removals companies is that storage solutions allow for more frequent access to your goods whereas moving companies tend to store your goods with limited access until it is time to deliver.


All things considered, the storage offered by moving companies is often highly competitive and usually provided at a lower cost than general storage facilities. Usually this is directly due to the lack of access as no toilets, reception facilities or lifts are required. Therefore if you won’t need to access your goods in storage for a while, a removals company offering this service can be a great money saving option!

Next time you are thinking of moving, consider the benefits of long-term storage, and in particular explore the storage services offered by moving companies!

Written by Kerry-Ann Holleyman – Team Assistant at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.