The Cost of Moving House

Moving house can be a costly business, but how much exactly should you pay? It can be a difficult compromise to make between the cost and quality of the removal experience. Removal companies that offer incredibly low cash-only prices could be fraudulent and the DIY approach of hiring a van could lead to damage of furniture, household items and even yourself with only yourself responsible.

It can be quite difficult to gauge just how much the cost of the move will be. Rightmove suggests a good rule of thumb is paying roughly a few percent of the cost of your house contents to ensure everything is protected. But this rule isn’t always correct. The cost of using a removal company can vary considerably depending on certain factors.

A removal company’s cost is based on the volume of belongings to be moved (typically cubic feet), the level of access to both your old and new properties, the distance between properties, the level of service you choose and whether any items require special handling or care (such as art or pianos). Through the volume of items, removal companies have to assess how many vehicles, and what sort, are needed as well as how long the packing process will take and the materials and manpower required. The level of service you choose also vastly alters the cost; whether you require packing materials or assistance with the packing itself.

The actual removal is only one part of the total cost, however. Conveyancing, estate agents, stamp duty and surveyors all require payment. For this reason it’s important to know how much you will have to pay in other areas before assessing your removal cost. Before signing any contract ensure that the removals company survey your home, and even get several quotes from different companies. While you can get a rough estimate online, always have a physical assessment of your household contents and your old and new properties. 

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