How Netflix can help you to declutter for a move

In January, media streaming platform Netflix was taken by storm with the arrival of reality television series ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’. The series focuses on Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo as she helped families organise and declutter their homes. The series revolutionises the process of tidying and her organisational tips inspire viewers to deep cleanse their home of all their unwanted items. We take a look at how the Marie Kondo method can help you to declutter your home to help you carry out your move as smoothly as possible!

How does it work?

According to Marie Kondo, the ideal way to declutter your home follows six basic rules in five categories. The approach follows these rules:

  1. Commit yourself to fully decluttering; a half-hearted attempt won’t do!
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle – how do you see your living space looking and feeling?
  3. Discard first, put away later.
  4. Tidy by category, not by location.
  5. Follow the correct order.
  6. Ask yourself if the item sparks joy!

These rules must be applied for each of these five categories;

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous items
  5. Sentimental items

While this seems rather in-depth, the main message Marie is trying to express is that in order to successfully declutter your home, you are discarding items that do not bring you joy.

First things first…

The basis of this method requires you to throw away clutter first, and only then start to sort and store your items. Rather than circling between your clutter and the things you have just put away, this way you will have the space to store your things, no matter how small your home is. In order to ensure maximum organisation, you must be clutter free first!

What is worth keeping?

According to Marie Kondo, the most effective way of sorting your clutter is listening to your intuition – how does the item make you feel? Does it spark joy within you? This method helps to distinguish the line between hoarding and keeping sentimental items that truly make you happy.

If you are able to hold an item and associate it with a feeling of joy or attach it to a memory that reignites a feeling of happiness, then keep it. If not, then discard the item (or, alternatively, donate the item to a charity shop). Marie believes that in doing this, you are in control of the environment you will be living in, which directly impacts your mood. It’s hard to have a clear mind when your living space isn’t clear!

Further tips to help your move

Once you have decided what it is you would like to keep, Marie provides these tips to get the most of your new space:

Fold all clothes vertically, only hanging things that absolutely require it (such as coats, suits etc.). Stacking clothes vertically in drawers make it more difficult for clutter to build back up!

Use boxes of all shapes and sizes. Using boxes for storage is both functional and can also contribute to the décor of the room.
Sort your papers! In the digital age, it is not entirely necessary to store mountains of paperwork anymore. While it is a daunting task, sorting through and discarding unnecessary papers will make a huge difference to your newly organised space.

A stress-free move

There is no doubt that the Marie Kondo method has revolutionised the way people are decluttering their homes. By the end of January, charity shops reported a significant increase in donations, with some stores in the US having to halt donations due to lack of space. A charity shop in the UK reported a record 5% increase in donations in just six weeks after the show’s release. Therefore it seems that following this method can help to assist you before or after your move – by removing unnecessary items from your life, you will be able to carry out a smoother, more efficient move! Why not give it a go?

Written by Kerry-Ann Holleyman – Team Assistant at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.