International Removals: A to B Stress Free

A domestic removal can be enough to make many people say that they never want to move again, but what happens when as well as changing house, town or city, the country is also changing?

With the addition of dealing with customs and freight carriers, especially if there more than one language involved, the stress of an international removal can escalate. Yet, there are ways for professionals in the removals industry to offer advice and service to clients to help alleviate this stress as much as possible.

As a removals company, it is vital that you take a survey of your client’s possessions – after all it’s needed to work out accurate cost and any potentially difficult items such as pianos or fine art. Through this survey, it is also possible to identify any items which won’t be feasible to make the journey, whether they may not make it through customs or it would be more cost effective to purchase a replacement item at the new location than to ship it. Once the packing can commence, if you can offer a packing service, then do. Do it well and recommendations will come flooding in. Do it wrong and you’ll be forking out a fair sum of money to cover any damages. Use the right materials and be economic with space, whether it’s within a parcel, carton or container, and you’ll have happy customers.

Advise clients that when moving internationally, shipping freight is far more cost effective than airfreight. With the option of groupage, filling containers travelling the same route with the possessions of multiple individuals and companies, the cost can be bought even lower. Shipping does, however, take far longer. Removals from the UK to places such as New Zealand can mean that shipments might not arrive for up to three months. As a result, for items which are needed soon upon arrival, airfreight has a huge benefit. By air, the arrival of possessions can still take a few days, however, so it should not be used for anything that is instantly essential.

Another huge advantage for any international removals company is to offer insurance, and even extended liability. If you’re the one offering insurance, any clients are more likely to feel confident in your handling of their possessions.

By helping and advising any client on how to best progress through customs clearance, you can win some big customer satisfaction. Through maintaining a solid international network, customs is no issue – any problems can be sorted out far quicker with good international connections. The less stress you subject the client to and the more responsibility you can lift from their shoulders, the more enjoyable the process will be. In such an industry as removals, recommendations are the driving force for new business.

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