Reasons to ditch the DIY and hire a Removals company

Gabriella Vianello, February 21, 2018

After months of home searching, property viewings and offer negotiations you have finally secured your dream home! However, before you can get settled in, you need to deal with the challenges that come with packing up and moving your possessions from A to B. Although it may be tempting to save a few pennies and take packing into your own hands, it is wise to enlist the help of a Household Goods Moving provider to support you along the way; by employing a removals firm you can ensure that you:

Save Time…

The thought of packing up a lifetime’s worth of possessions can be a daunting one, especially when it involves managing the rest of the family’s belongings as well! Not only can this process be stressful, it can be extremely time consuming and will likely require time off work. By hiring a Removals company, you can move in to a new house with minimal disruption to your existing commitments and you can avoid having to rely on friends and family for assistance.

Minimise physical and emotional stress…

Although moving house without the assistance of a Removals firm may seem like a cheaper alternative, many home owners find that the reduced stress and strain involved in a professional move is well worth the additional cost! By choosing to use a moving company, you can avoid having to manoeuvre heavy furniture down flights of stairs and through awkward doorways, avoiding any injuries in the process. Moving firms have special equipment for these tasks, and so it makes sense to leave it to the experts.

Avoid transportation issues…

After finally packing everything up, the next hurdle to overcome is transporting these effects from one property to another; by recruiting the help of a moving firm, you can avoid the task of having to drive a large and unfamiliar vehicle on unknown roads, directing a wide load around parked cars and tight corners. Another downside to consider when transporting your possessions yourself is the number of trips required to make the move… Removals firms will often have large vans or trucks at their disposal making the move not only easier but faster.

Reduce the chances of damages and losses…

Another advantage of enlisting the help of a Removals firm is that the risk of damages and losses is greatly reduced; moving professionals are highly experienced in packing and lifting items properly and so items that are fragile, heavy or large in size are oftentimes safer in the hands of a trained Removals specialist. Not only this, in the unlikely event that an item does incur damages, the company will be responsible for the cost and all possessions will be covered by the firm’s insurance policy.

Of course, the advantages of using a Removals company come at a price. Therefore, it is imperative to get a quotation prior to using any Removals service. The final charge will be dependent upon the number of hours that will be required to transport your possessions, along with any insurance policies to cover accidental losses or damages. When estimating moving costs, it is also important to ascertain whether the quotation provided is inclusive of VAT and whether additional services such carpet fitting and unpacking will incur further fees. Make sure you do your research!

Written by Gabriella Vianello - Executive Assistant at Alchemy Recruitment Ltd

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