Tipping Removal Companies – Should You Do It?

Tipping removal companies always seems to be a grey area in the moving process. The short and simple answer to the question of whether to tip movers is this: it’s up to you.

Given that the majority of moves involve at least half, if not a whole day, of physical labor, supplying the workers with tea, coffee and snacks such as biscuits is always appreciated, and very commonplace. All good quality professional removal companies will display minimum standards, but small things such as this will go a long way to ensuring a solid relationship and high quality service on their part.

This is particularly true of any difficult moves; if there are a lot of bulky items, the new or old house is difficult to move things through or even if there is just a lot of stuff to move, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. There have been suggestions that tipping roughly £10 per person (£20 for big international moves) in the team is a good gauge of your appreciation, but this doesn’t have to be in cash.

Often most removal teams aren’t too bothered about having a large wad of cash handed to them, although obviously it’s nice, instead it’s more about feeling appreciated for the work they’ve just done. As a result, many removal companies have been tipped in crates of beer, a small tab at the local pub for after the work is done, a bottle of wine or even just some chocolates and biscuits.

One important thing to remember is that the removal team are being paid for the move – and as the person moving house, you’re no doubt aware of just how expensive that can be already! More important than providing tips is just to be helpful, calm, and friendly: with these three things your move will run smoothly and amiably.

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