US Moving Trends Of 2018

The American Market

Household goods moving services in the USA consist of residential, commercial and warehousing services all operating within the relocation market. The USA’s population of over 327 million people spans over nearly 10 million km2; as a result the US household goods moving market is a constantly growing and shifting powerhouse. With steady increases over the past 5 years, the industry has grown by 2.4% to boast a revenue of $18 billion in 2018.

Industry Expansion

In the same 5-year period, the industry has also seen an increase in the number of moving companies (+ 1.9%) and a consequent increase in the number of employees working within the moving sector (+ 2.2%). Favourable conditions within the housing market could be the reason for this consistent strong growth, as well as a steady economic expansion which has nurtured the Commercial moving sector. Other relevant factors may include rising disposable income and recently dropping oil prices.

US Statistics

Who uses moving companies?

  • Individuals 44%
  • Corporate 38%
  • Military 16%
  • Fed Government 2%

The average moving client is a couple aged 18-34 with 1 or 2 children, this shows that young families continue to rely on the assistance of professional movers to carry out their relocations.

Where do Americans move?

  • 82.7% within the same State
  • 13.4% out of State
  • 0.36% Overseas

The average cost for an interstate-move is $4300.00 and in-state moves cost approximately $2300.00. The vast majority of moving clients prefer to remain within their present State.

How do they prefer to move?

  • Hire professional Movers 45%
  • Rent a Moving Truck 33%
  • Do it Themselves 22%

There is a high demand for professional moving and relocation services providers across the US. In fact, over 180,000 jobs are created directly through the moving industry alone.

What are the busiest moving months?

  • June 13%
  • July 12%
  • August 11%
  • 60% of moves happen between Spring and Fall

Summer months are deemed the most desirable periods in which to make a move in the US. As in the UK, the busiest days of the week for moving are Friday’s (20%) and Saturday’s (18%).

Top 5 Moving Routes?

  • California to Texas
  • New York to Florida
  • New York to California
  • California to Washington
  • Massachusetts to New York

Where interstate moves do occur, it may perhaps be surprising to learn that the Golden State of California sees the highest number of relocators moving out to Texas, the famous Lone Star State.

International Moving

In terms of international moving and relocation to the US; import/export market activity is very strong in 2018 – the US remains very popular with expats. Despite government policies clamping down on illegal immigration, America still accepts far more international migrants than anywhere in the world maintaining a strong trend for inbound international moves.

Future Trends

With 2019 just around the corner, let’s hope the moving industry continues trending upwards for the foreseeable future! With increases in both in-industry competition and also the number of moves being carried out by professional service providers, my prediction is that levels of moving services on offer will continue to improve, with end users seeing all of the benefits of this dynamic sector.

Written by Daniel Barker – Recruitment Consultant – Moving & Relocation Services at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.